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What Happens when three busy single moms
miss the first PTA meeting of the year??

A memorable PTA Mom trilogy for the holidays!

Holly JacobsHolly JacobsHolly Jacobs

Holly Jacobs


Hold Onto Her Heart
Words of the Heart, #3



holly jacobsholly jacobsHolly jacobs


Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly jacobs holly jacobs
holly jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs, Maid in LA Mysteries
Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs holly jacobs
Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs
Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs
Swept Up, Holly Jacobs Spruced Up, Holly Jacobs Dusted, Holly Jacobs pic
A Valley Ridge Christmas, Holly Jacobs pic pic pic
Holly Jacobs book book book
cover Holly jacobs EBACE book
EBAB ebag Holly Jacobs Holly Jacobs
Holly Jacobs UG Holly Jacobs thobhr
Holly Jacobs book book Holly Jacobs
Laugh Lines Night Calls Love Handles Pickup Lines
Here With Me Once Upon a King Once Upon a Prince Once Upon a Princess
Be My Baby Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow A Day Late and a Bride Short Do You Hear What I Hear?
Hung Up on You Found and Lost How to Hung a Husband How to Catch a Groom
Confessions of a Party Crasher The 100-Year Itch Not Precisely Pregnant Ready, Willing and Abel & Raising Cain

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Books that are in a series and their placement in it are noted, though each stands alone.  You can check out the series in order at BookSeries!


Okay, so I'm a geek. I love seeing my books travel to other countries. I love seeing what those countries do with the cover and the titles. To date, my books have been to over twenty countries. Here's examples of one of the books, '04's Be My Baby. It's been to Canada, Australia, Korea, Spain, Greece, in the UK in both paperback and hardback, Belguim, Holland, France, Mexico, Latin America, Argentina, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Poland. You can see how the covers change. The titles do as well. In France it was The Ideal Mother. In Italy, A Charming Provincial. The covers change, too. I've got to confess, I totally love seeing a book I wrote in a language I can't read at all...Japanese, Korean, Greek. I know, I know, it's geeky, but there it is! LOL

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