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Who's the Boss
by Holly Jacobs

Mia loves everything about her job...everything except Larry Mackenzie. But sometimes fate makes unlikely allies. When Mac inherits a baby, Mia helps out with Katie O'Keefe until Mac can find the baby a forever home. But the more time they spend together, the more Mia discovers that maybe she was wrong. Something about Mac is pulling at her But if he can't open his heart to Katie, how will he ever let Mia in?

Mac needs to discover that family isn’t something you are born into, sometimes it’s something just waiting for you to discover. If you listen, your heart can show you the way to your true family...and everlasting love. In Who's the Boss?, Mac and Mia find that sometimes the path you think you're on isn't where you're supposed to be headed at all. Readers are going to love this fourth stand-alone installments to Jacobs’ Around the Square series.

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"Everything about this story brims with emotion. Jacobs is a sublime storyteller." 4 1/2 stars! Top Pick! ~ RT BOOKClub

Who's the Boss "...will teach you all about what it means to really love someone."
~Cat Cody, Romance Junkies

Who's the Boss "... showcases Holly Jacobs’s unique humor and wit, this story has more; it has tender emotions that bring tears to your eyes. It reveals the real meaning of family and the healing power of true love." ~Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

"...full of personality and life. One will find plenty of the trademark humor expected in her stories. However, at the same time, Ms Jacobs touches on some very tender emotions, which will bring a tear to the reader’s eye..." ~Kelley Hartsell, Love Romances

"Sassy, sexy, a screaming baby in the backseat and a snowstorm..." Who's the Boss, "...by Holly Jacobs has it all."
~Carol Hutchens, CataRomance Reviewer

"Having a commitment phobia bachelor be stuck with a baby is as old a storyline a reader will find. Yet, throught her two prime adult protagonists Holly Jacobs makes it seem like a fresh original concept never heard of before...Contemporary romance fans will relish this...relationship drama." ~Harriet Klausner.

Book, Reviews, Excerpt


EXCERPT: Who's the Boss
copyright Holly Jacobs

"The forecast for Erie, Pennsylvania calls for Lake Effect Snow. We're expecting anywhere from twelve, to more than eighteen inches in the snowbelt tonight. Just another snowy Erie winter. It's good to know that some things never change..." Change. 

Amelia Gallagher switched off the radio with a bit more force than was required. She could do with a change. But it looked like what she was getting was more snow.

A lot more snow.

"If you keep glaring like that, you're going to scare away the paying customers," Larry Mackenzie said as he walked into Wagner, McDuffy, Chambers and Donovan Law Firm. 

She watched him as he stomped his feet on the entryway floor, leaving a small pile of snow on the carpet. 

Mac was easy on the eyes. As a matter of fact, some might say the phrase tall-dark-and-handsome had been invented with him in mind. But Amelia knew the truth. Her mother used to say pretty is as pretty does, and what Larry Mackenzie did best was annoy her.

Of course, she did her best to annoy him right back.

He didn't feel the name Larry inspired the type of confidence an attorney should inspire, so he preferred being called Mac, which is precisely why Amelia said, "Larry--"

"Mac," he corrected her for the millionth time.

Amelia hid a smile as she continued, "--you're making a mess on the floor and I'm not cleaning it up." 

He scowled which cheered her considerably.

She handed him a number of memos. "You've had three messages from a Kim Lindsay while you were at court. She says to call her right away."

He glanced at the top paper she handed him and studied the name a moment. "Lindsay...Kim Lindsay? It doesn't ring a bell. Did she say what it was about?"

Amelia shrugged. "Listen, I just take the messages, I don't get an autobiography. You probably met her at a bar last week and have forgotten her already."

"The only bar I attended was a Bar Mitzvah for Mark's kid."

"Funny, Larry." 

That was the thing about Larry Mackenzie--he thought he was funny. 

Come to think of it, most people agreed with him. But Amelia didn't, although she could think of a number of descriptions she did feel suited him. 





Annoying...oh, she'd already thought that. 

Gorgeous, if a woman was into superficial looks...which Amelia wasn't. It's just sometimes she forgot she wasn't and couldn't help but enjoy the view. 

Like right now, as he stood, laughing because he thought he'd verbally bested her with his Bar Mitzvah comment...if he was anyone else, she'd have to say that twinkle of humor in his eye was endearing.

But endearing wasn't one of the words she'd ever use to describe Larry Mackenzie.

To clear her head of such inappropriate thoughts, she stared at the puddle he left on the floor with his unstomped shoes. 
There. She felt better. 

Larry was annoying.


She sighed as she realized that she was just recycling terms. She'd just have to spend the rest of her day thinking up other appropriate adjectives--non-gorgeous ones--to describe Larry Mackenzie. It wouldn't do to run out of them if she needed them.

"Listen, if you can't manage calling me Mac, maybe you should call me Mr. Mackenzie?"

"Or maybe I should simply call you--"

She couldn't think of a barb to end the sentence with, but thankfully, Larry would never know because at the moment, Elias Donovan, the firm's newest partner, walked into the building and said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, kids. If you're going to fight, I'm going to have to put you in separate corners."

He'd kicked off most of the snow outside on the steps, which was considerate, unlike some people who didn't care how much work they made for others.

"Separate is always good, at least when it comes to Larry and me," she said.

Mac, without saying another word, stalked up the stairs toward his office.

"Do you have to pick on him like that?" Donovan asked.

"No. I also don't have to floss every day, but I like my teeth and hope to keep them, so I do. Just like I enjoy needling Mac and would hate to lose my edge."

Donovan laughed as he started up the stairs to his office. He turned and added, "In case I forget later, call me if you need a ride Monday, okay? Your car won't make it out of the drive if the storm hits."

"Thanks, Donovan," Amelia said. 

Donovan was a nice guy...unlike some other people in this firm...

Book, Reviews, Excerpt

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