All my series are comprised of stand-alone books, but since so many people have requested lists of their titles and order, I've put one together!

(And I'll confess, I didn't realize how many books I'd tied together until I made this list. Many of the series weren't proposed as series. I just wrote a book and fell in love with secondary characters, so I wrote them a book, and fell in love with secondary characters...)


How to...


How To Catch a Groom

Reprint 6/19




How To Hunt a Husband
Reprint 8/19


Words of the Heart
Holly Jacobs

Carry Her Heart #1

Holly Jacobs

These Three Words #2



Holly Jacobs

Hold Onto Her Heart #3



Between the Words #4



PTA Moms:
3 PTA moms miss the 1st meeting of the year, end up on the worst committee and find not only friendship, but love!



Once Upon a Thanksgiving, PTA Moms #1



Once Upon a Christmas, PTA Moms #2



Once Upon a Valentines, PTA Moms #3

Or read all three PTA Mom books + a new short story in
The PTA Mom Collection!

Holly Jacobs


Cupid Falls, PA

Christmas in Cupid Falls, Holly Jacobs
Christmas in Cupid Falls #1

holly jacobsA Simple Heart #2

Cupid Falls is a new, stand alone series, but it's also tied to three other series (WLVH Radio Series, Everything But... Series, Nothing But...Series) Yes, Nana Vancy and a disc jockey from WLVH Radio, Where Love is More Than Just a Song are all back!)



Maid in LA Mysteries


Holly Jacobs

Buy the first four Maid in LA books in one
Bundled addition for 50% off what they'd cost individually.




Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery #1

coverDusted: A Maid in LA Mystery #2

Spruced Up, Holly Jacobs

Spruced Up:
A Maid in LA Holiday Novella


Swept Up

Swept Up:
A Maid in LA Mystery #4


holly jacobs
Polished Off:
A Maid in LA Mystery #5



Holly Jacobs

Briar Hill Road


The Moments on Radish



Fairy Godmother
These were some of the first books I wrote...three rather inept fairy godmothers try to find their godchildren love!

holly jacobsMad About Max #1



holly jacobsMagic For Joy #2


Holly JacobsMiracles For Nick #3



Holly JacobsFairly Human #4



Valley Ridge, NY:
A small town with big hearts!

You Are Invited: A Valley Ridge Wedding, Harlequin SuperRomance


April Showers: A Valley Ridge Wedding,
Harlequin SuperRomance


A Walk Down the Aisle: A Valley Ridge Wedding, Harlequin SuperRomance

A Valley Ridge Christmas,
Harlequin SuperRomance


Nothing But...
A trilogy of short stories that combines the Everything But...series and the WLVH Radio series


Nothing But Love #1

Nothing But Heart#2


Nothing But Luck #3



Everything But...
Take a Hungarian grandmother, a wedding curse, then some mixed up matchmaking, and Erie PA will never be the same!

ebagEverything But a Groom, Everything But... #1
Avalon, 12/07
ISBN-13: 9780803498648


Everything But a Bride, Everything But... #2
Avalon, 8/08
ISBN-13: 978-0803499041


Everything But a Wedding, Everything But... #3
Avalon, 12/08
ISBN-13: 978-0803499249

Everything But a Christmas Eve, #4
Everything But..

Avalon Books, 12/09
ISBN 978-0-8034-9984-3

EBAMEverything But a Mother#5
Everything But...
Avalon Books, 2/12


Everything But a Dog #6
Everything But...
Montlake Romance, 12/12


Set in a fictional Erie, PA radio station with some of the quirkiest dj's and listeners around!

Pickup Lines Pickup Lines, WLVH Radio, Book #1
ISBN #0-8034-9704-0
Avalon Romance, 4/05


Love Handles Lovehandles, WLVH Radio, Book #2
Holly Jacobs
ISBN #0-8034-9724-5
Avalon Romance, 8/05


Night Calls Night Calls,WLVH Radio, Book #3
ISBN #0-8034-9764-4
Avalon, 4/06


Laugh LinesLaugh Lines, WLVH Radio, Book #4
Avalon, 2/07
ISBN-10: 0803498144
ISBN-13: 978-0803498143


Whedon, PA:
...where love and laughter can overcome anything!

UGUnexpected Gifts, 11/09A Whedon, PA Story Book 1
Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 978-0-373-71601-2

A One-of-a-Kind Family, 2/10 A Whedon, PA Story Book 2
Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 978-0373716159

Homecoming Day , A Whedon, PA Story Book 3
Harlequin SuperRomance, 12/10
ISBN 978-0-373-71677-7

A Father's Name, A Whedon, PA Story Book 4
Harlequin SuperRomance, 9/11


Perry Square:
A fictional "small town" set in Erie, PA's very real downtown

Do You Hear What I Hear? Do You Hear What I Hear?, Perry Square, Book #1
ISBN #0-373-19557-5
Silhouette Romance, #1557, 11/01


holly jacobs A Day Late and a Bride Short, Perry Square, Book #2
ISBN# 0-373-19653-9
Silhouette Romance #1653, 03/03


Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow,Perry Square, Book #3
ISBN #0-373-19683-0
Silhouette Romance #1683, 8/03

Be My Baby Be My Baby,Perry Square, Book #4
ISBN #0-373-19733-0
Silhouette Romance, 8/04


Once Upon a Princess Once Upon a Princess, Perry Square, Book #5
ISBN #0-373-19768-3
Silhouette Romance, 5/05


Once Upon a Prince Once Upon a Prince, Perry Square, Book #6
ISBN #0-373-19777-2
Silhouette Romance, 7/05

Once Upon a King Once Upon a King,Perry Square, Book #7
ISBN #0-373-19785-3
Silhouette Romance, 9/05


Here With Me

Here With Me, Perry Square, Perry Square, Book #8
ISBN# 0-373-19825-6
Silhouette Romance, 7/06



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