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Same Time Next SummerHolly Jacobs
Original Publication date:
Harlequin Superromance, 8/08
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-71511-4

Ilex Books 7/16

Released in Australia, 8/08
Matthew's Children/ C.J. Carmichael/
Same Time Next Summer Holly Jacobs

Holt Medallion Award Top Five!

Every summer, Carolyn Kendal and Stephan Foster met at their neighboring lakeside cottages. They swam and played at chasing shadows across the beach. That childhood game taught them a basic life-lesson, ‘there’s always another shadow.’ The trick is remembering to believe it will eventually give way to sunshine again.

They spend their childhoods as summer friends. In their late teens, they had one magical summer-fling before they went their separate ways. Summers go by without their paths crossing, and when they do meet again, they’re committed to other people. But when tragedy strikes Carolyn, it’s Stephan who rushes to her side and Stephan who supports her, even when everyone else has given up. Stephan stands by Carolyn and they try to discover if there is such a thing as a second chance.

Same Time Next Summer is a story about change, about believing that some changes--however hard--are worth creating a 'new normal' for. Carolyn and Stephan both learn that no matter what anyone says, they have to trust their hearts to show them the way. And their hearts always lead them to each other.

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"Best friends Carolyn Kendal and Stephen Foster get a second chance at love after Carolyn's young daughter, Emma, severely injured in a car accident and expected to die, recovers and thrives. Having Stephen around to help her believe that the impossible was possible allowed Carolyn to never give up hope. Holly Jacobs' Same Time Next Summer (4.5) is a well-written, touching story about rekindled love and the power of friendship." ~Romantic Times

"Award winning author Holly Jacobs has written a real life drama with insight and compassion that will touch your heart in her unforgettable book, SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER. ...I recommend SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER as an all time best summer read." ~CataRomance

"...a heartwarming story of love and family that was written with such passion you cannot help wanting to read it from start to finishing in one sitting." Writers Unlimited

"Same Time Next Summer is beautiful story of love being the strength to overcome any of life’s obstacles. Holly Jacobs has once again written a book full of heart humor, home and family. ...Whether chasing shadows on the beach or weathering the storms of life, family and friends are what get us through the good and bad times. Holly Jacobs is a master at representing real family life in her books and helping us to realize what love and life are all about. She can make us sigh with happiness, cry with sorrow, and laugh out loud at the humor." ~ © Kelley A. Hartsell, July 2008. All rights reserved

"...a warm, touching tale..." Harriet Klausner

"Jacobs tells a good story... one that feels like home. Summers on Lake Erie can be magical." ~ Lesa Holstine


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Same Time Next Summer
copyrighted 2008
Holly Jacobs


“Caro. Caro, come on.”

Twelve-year-old Carolyn Kendal threw open the cottage door and ran out onto the porch. The force of the wind took her breath away.

She looked out at Lake Erie. The wind had whipped it into a frenzy, pounding wave after wave onto the shore.

Her summer best friend, Stephan Foster, was on his family’s porch, waving at her.

She tugged at the leg of her swimsuit. The suit didn’t fit as well as it had when she’d come with her mom and dad to their Heritage Bay, Ohio summer home last month. She smiled as she continued pulling it into place. Normally, she didn’t like things to change. But she was pleased that she’d finally started growing. For the last two years, she’d been lamenting her lack of height, certain she’d never get any taller than four feet eleven.

She glanced down at her chest and hoped that if she was growing taller, she’d also start growing out, but truly, she didn’t feel very optimistic.

Optimistic was her word of the week. She liked the way it felt as it rolled off her tongue.


It seemed like such a happy word. And on days like this, where the beach was this perfect, it was the right word to describe herself. She, Carolyn Kendal, was optimistic.

“Caro.” Stephan’s voice was laced with exasperation. “Come on. We haven’t had a day like this all summer.”

He was already down on the beach, waiting for her.

“Caro,” he called again, louder, more impatient.

And though she knew they were getting too old for this game, there was a comfort in it. She might be getting older and starting seventh grade next year, but this was familiar and hadn’t changed. She stopped tugging at her yellow suit and playing with words, and ran to him. Her bare feet made a slapping noise on the cement walkway, that quieted as soon as she reached the rocky sand.

“Here comes one.” Stephan stood poised, ready to run.

Caro got ready, too. She extended her right leg, bending at the knee, waiting for just the right moment. She knew from years of experience, it was all about the right moment. Too soon, too late...either would ruin the run.

“Go.” Stephan sprinted forward, she followed on his heels.

The wind whipped the marshmallow-puffy clouds across the sky. Pushing. Pulling. Until the cloud bumped into the sun, which was high over head. That was the moment that signaled they could start.

They ran in the sunlight between the rocky cliff and Lake Erie’s water, on the small swatch of pebbly sand, chasing the edge of the shadow.

Sometimes, if the breeze was lazy enough, they would catch it. But on days like today, when the wind really kicked up, they never did. But it didn’t matter. The joy was in the chase.

“We lost it.” Caro stopped, panting for breath.

“There will be another shadow in a few minutes.” Stephan, a year older than she was, often felt the weight of that extra twelve month’s wisdom. This time he nodded, sagely, his summer-long hair flopping onto his forehead, and added, “Yep, everything always changes. We just have to wait a few minutes ‘cause there’s always another shadow.”

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