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Holly Jacobs

A View to a Kiln:
A Harry's Pottery Mystery

Life doesn't always take you where you think you should go...it takes you where you need to be.

Harry Lawe got a divorce, quit her job and rewrote her life. She left her emotionally distant father’s law firm and opened her own pottery studio. Harry's Pottery. She’s become a part of the downtown Erie, PA community and things are going fine until the day she finds a dead body in her kiln—a partially cremated dead body in her kiln. She’s looking for who-dunnit in order to save her business. She finds an unexpected sidekick in her attorney, Micah McCain.

Like her role model, Quincy Mac, Harry's determined to find out who the murderer is.

Fans of Jacobs' bestselling Maid in LA series will love her new cozy mystery series, Harry's Pottery Mysteries.


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Book, Reviews, Excerpt



Book, Reviews, Excerpt

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