Book, Reviews, Excerpt

Book, Reviews, Excerpt

Hold Onto Her Heart
by Holly Jacobs

Kindle Press, 9-13-16

Sometimes home isn't just a place...

In this heartwarming follow up to Carry Her Heart, the infant daughter Piper Chesterfield gave up for adoption so many years ago has grown into an accomplished young woman. When Piper’s husband shows up on Siobhan Ahearn’s doorstep, he makes a request that Siobhan longs to grant for the birthmother she’s never met. But time in all its finite ways threatens to be short.

As Piper battles a life-threatening illness, both mother and daughter struggle to make up for the years apart. Reading Piper’s journals and published works, Siobhan finds herself overwhelmed by the prospect of suddenly absorbing a lifetime of another mother’s love.

Logan Greer has benefited from Piper’s mothering influence from when he was young, and he’s uniquely qualified to help Siobhan see all the ways Piper’s love for the daughter she gave up inspired the outpouring of compassion she provided to families in need. And his close proximity in the shared guest house doesn’t hurt his ability to become a much needed support system either. . . With the help of this handsome friend-of the family, Siobhan must decide if she has enough room in her heart to love the family who raised her, the family who loved her from afar, and the charming man whose plans may not include staying close to family for the foreseeable future.

Words of the Heart Series:
Carry Her Heart
These Three Words
Hold Her Heart
Between the Words (coming in 2017)



"With books like this, if you aren't a Holly fan, you're likely a robot." ~Steve Stone

"Five stars doesn't come close, but that's all they give us." ~Literature Lighthouse


Hold Onto Her Heart

copyright Holly Jacobs 2016

Sometimes home isn’t just a place . . .


…I am not your birth father, nor am I the father who raised you, but you are part of me. And when you find Pip, you’ll find me.

You’ll find us.

And when you do, there will be no shock of recognition; there will only be a welcome home.

For wherever we are, you have a home with us . . . you are part of both of us.

And we’ll be waiting for you.

From Carry Her Heart, by Holly Jacobs


Ned Chesterfield was done waiting.

He stood on the front porch of the unfamiliar house, in an unfamiliar town feeling uncharacteristically uncertain as his hand froze mere inches from the door.

He knew that once he knocked, Pandora’s Box would be open wide. There’d be no undoing it.

He also knew this was not what Pip wanted.

More than that, she’d specifically told him not to come here.

Ned also knew Pip could forgive him almost anything, although he wasn’t sure she’d forgive him this.

But he’d decided that was okay.

If Pip never forgave him—if she carried a grudge for the rest of her life—he could live with that.

What he couldn’t live with was a world without Pip in it.

He didn’t hesitate any longer. His hand came down on the door.

He prayed Pip would be mad at him for a very, very long time.


Book, Reviews, Excerpt

From the book: Hold Onto Her Heart
By: Holly Jacobs
Publisher Kindle Press
Publication Date: 9/16
Copyright © 2016
By: Amazon Publishing

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