Holly Jacobs
The Book
An Illustrated Short Story

by Holly Jacobs

Fans of Holly Jacobs' Bestselling Just One Thing and Words of the Heart Series will love this small story with a big heart!

Rose sometimes feels that her life has been checkered with too much loss. On one the hardest day of her life, Rose's grandmother leaves her not only words of wisdom, but gifts. The gift of understanding. The gift of laughter. And the gift of...love. A love that's been right in front of her for years. A love she was too afraid to accept until now. 

Holly Jacobs proves once again that a short romance can pack an emotional wallop.

You can read about how the book came about on my blog. ublisherAma



I found a hollowed out book that sparked my imagination. Found out more about how I wrote the book at Hollyworld.

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